9 Dec

“I think sometimes people think cheerful is a synonym for dumb, so no one is ever cheerful.”
Excerpt From: Kaling, Mindy. “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).” Crown Publishing Group, 2011-10-31T23:00:00+00:00. iBooks. 

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Find Out My Beauty Secrets!

8 Apr

Choosing my cosmetics is quite a Herculean task not least because my skin is ultra sensitive and is all too ready to pop out a zit if an unsuitable cream is applied. Sometimes, I find products that suit my skin, make it better and most of all, wont break me out and I give a mental whoop of joy. But unfortunately, I have no idea what happens after that because after a time, they don’t have much of an effect. So, I thought, readers would be interested to see my current haul and it would also be a good way of keeping a record of what works for me.

My soap– Fashbar

This is a purple soap that dermatologists recommend and I can understand why they do so. It is a fairly mild soap that:
🔹Cleans all the dirt and oil
🔹Doesn’t leave your face so dry
🔹Doesn’t cause acne eruptions
I sometimes suspect it does a bit of acne fighting too! The downside to this, it can be too mild for me so that I am left with an oily face just a few hours later. But I don’t consider it a problem because this is good as it gets, although a little boring.
My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

My Face Packs/Masks

Janet Orange Bleaching Pac-

This is a herbal pack with the active ingredients listed as orange, turmeric, lemon and ashwagandha. It is a fairly easy pack because you have to leave it on for just ten minutes. They have suggested you use this pack every other day but I usually end up using it twice a week before sleeping. I believe that right after using a pack, you should use a cream not only because it is deep cleansed but because your face can otherwise become uncomfortably dry. This pack is reasonably good because it does make a difference. Right after you wash off the pack, your skin looks bright and clean.

This seemed like it was working, but I suddenly noticed a few acne eruptions, so I will postpone my verdict for the moment.

Himalaya Clarifying Mud Pack-

Like the name suggests, this is a mud or clay mask and is suitable for oily skin. I love using this because it refreshes your face and the skin feels fresh and clean after washing.
🔹Deep cleanses your skin
🔹Leaves your skin fresh
🔹 Removes excess oil on skin

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

My Night Cream

Himalaya Revitalising Night Cream-

This is a definite hit with me. Although I am quite annoyed with the deceiving package (there is a lot less cream than the tub size suggests), I am willing to overlook it because of how much healing and repair it does for my skin. Although it makes no claims of fairer or brighter skin, it does do what it promises. My skin looks clearer and healthier, Alhamdulillah.
🔹Skin looks clearer
🔹Moisturises well
🔹Has some skin healing properties

A small warning though: you should apply only a very tiny amount, a little goes a very long way, believe me.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

A Part Review of A Pilot’s Wife

8 Apr

Now that my daughter is over a year old, she has finally gotten slightly more independent. This is mum speak for having enough privacy and freedom to visit the loo unaccompanied! Also, she sleeps undisturbed for hours and that allows me to bask in doing things just for me, like reading. I read with passion, like a thirsty traveller guzzling up cold, fresh water. This is the only way I can properly spend my me time. If I do end up using these precious hours for something else, I am left frustrated and annoyed. I didn’t relax, my head cries, I should have read.
So why is it that I am spending these invaluable hours writing this post? It is because when I began to read this novel, A pilot’s wife, it touched me so deeply I just had to share my opinion and insight. I am still on the first chapter, but I am quite sure I wouldn’t remember half of it after I finish. So here is my first post on it, and let me warn you, this is more a dip into my thoughts and experiences rather than a review of this book. The author’s sharp observational skills have deeply mirrored my own views and so I take her book as a journey into my own thoughts.

Chapter One

1. “Upstairs in the hallway, she was momentarily confused. It was too long a hallway, with too many doors and too many rooms. Already the memories of the day had begun to taint the rooms, to overlay previous memories”

Kathryn, the protagonist, has just received the shocking news of her husband’s death. A pilot by profession, he has died in a plane explosion. She begins to see the rooms with new eyes, and these painful memories would always be connected with them. I really understand it. Even if your house is full of your happy childhood memories, if something tragic happens, you will always link back that place to that incident and the happy memories would only pop back into your mind ocassionally.

2. “No matter how often Kathryn observed the phenomenon, she found it hard to comprehend: the way nothing could remain as it had been, not a house that was falling down, not a woman’s face that had once been beautiful, not childhood, not a marriage, not love.”

Everything in this life has an invisible time limit stamped on it, and we humans get so caught up in the present (or for some, past) we forget that nothing is permanent. Just a year ago, my daughter was tiny and all she could do was cry and sleep. But in a year, how many things change. We don’t notice how hours add up into days, then weeks, months and years pass by. Everything in this life was built to crumble. How much of importance we place on beauty, buying pots and pots of expensive cream, and expecting our spouses to be the epitome of physical beauty? How much of money is put into constructing houses fit to be called palaces, with state of the art furniture? How carefree and happy we feel as children, thinking this will never end? It is the greatest deceit Shaythan has pulled on us humans. He has fooled us into thinking everything here is permanent.

3. “That’s what saved me, Kathryn. Saving you saved me. Having to take care of you. I had to stop asking why Bobby had died. I just had to stop asking.”

Julia, her grandmother, explains her mental state when was faced to bring up Kathryn alone when her son and daughter-in-law died in a crash. Almost everyone would believe that if I had divorced before having a child, it would have been easier on me, but I strongly oppose this. Having a tiny human being entirely dependent on me was what pulled me through and didn’t allow me to sink into the lowest depths of depression. I had to look after you, and by doing that, you looked after me. You saved me, my precious angel.

Three Tips to Help Your Child Eat

10 Dec

If you are unaware of my religion, I would like to reveal it to you right now, before we start on this long blogging journey. The reason being, it will be the centre-point for all my posts, as it is in my real life. My religion is Islam. I try to live every breath according to the beautiful teachings of Islam. Unlike with some, my religion is not a part of my lifestyle, it is my lifestyle! if you are against my beautiful religion, or it’s beautiful people, let me tell you a simple truth: I would make an accurate presumption of you by stating that you have not interacted closely with Muslims. If you’re curious to learn more, I welcome you with open arms to my virtual abode and take a glimpse into the life of a Sri Lankan Muslim woman. If however, you are insisting that you will close your eyes and ears to me, and set upon trolling me, please leave. Now.

Having cleared our religious prejudices, I would like to share with you three simple tips a Muslim lecturer spoke of when it comes to feeding your children. Children, up to the age of almost five, give us Mums an awfully difficult time at meals. For most of us, feeding is a daily battle. This Muslim speaker seemed like a funny old man who had seen his share of things in life, and he was of the belief that you can be good Mums even if you haven’t taken Child Psychology classes. Just teach them good morals. The following tips were shared by him:

1. Get your child involved in cooking. This obviously doesn’t mean you throw all safety measures out of the window and let them ‘play with fire.’ You should give them the idea that they played a big role in helping you cook that particular dish. It could be simple tasks such as passing the salt or allowing them to stir the contents, but it should be enjoyable for them. So when lunch time rolls in, they will actually look forward to eating what they cooked.

2. Don’t use the same plates or bowls for every single feed. Appearance matters. Although this might not make a difference for children who are too small to notice a difference, it still might hold their attention or be a source of distraction if they see a different coloured bowl. It could be something as simple as slapping on a star sticky on to their plate, or moving on to something that is different in shape, size and colour. I would like to add here that even the presentation of food can make a difference, but for children who are one year old or less, the opportunity for nutritious as well as colourful food is a rare find.

3. Don’t scare your child into eating. Frightening a child by either threatening to give them a good walloping, or making them believe that ‘Billa’ is going to get them if they don’t eat, will not only hurt the child’s confidence and self esteem. They will start dreading mealtimes and consider it a burden rather than a blessing. So keep your calm and feed the child by distracting her with a favourite cartoon or some animal in the garden. You can also sing nursery rhymes, but speaking from experience, don’t do it regularly because the resulting hoarse throat and tiredness is not worth it.

These tips are not world changing, I admit. But any mother whose patience wears thin with the amount of effort put into each mouthful, would be willing to try out anything. So try it, and let me know how it went. 👍


Garnier Gentle Orange Face wash Review

9 Dec

This is the gentlest face wash I have ever used on my face that is available on the cosmetic section. Gentle being the keyword here. It is so gentle, it almost doesn’t work but is saved from this plight by a slight cleaning. If you have been out and about in the hot and sweaty Sri Lankan weather, and you need to clear off the icky oil and grime from your face, let me tell you, this is NOT the product you’re looking for! This product is more apt for people who don’t need much face cleaning at all but just crave the act of using a facewash. My skin is oily-sensitive-acne prone, so this might have not worked for my type. I say so, because sister who has skin as dry as the Sahara desert, likes this face wash although I do think she stopped using it for a reason that I can’t remember now.

I would have mentioned the price, appearance and texture ( Did I tell you how it doesn’t lather AT ALL? ) but this product is a complete fail for me, so I am not interested in giving you any other information other than how it failed to work for me. 👎👎👎👎👎


Janet Kohomba Face Pack Review

5 Sep

Janet Kohomba Face PackUsually, Janet products have never suited my skin. The last product of theirs I used was their peppermint face wash for pimple prone skin. It brought out some mild acne so I had to abandon it to my topmost bathroom shelf.
My interest in this particular product was brought on by my sister. Her face had a ‘fresh’ look to it, and if you have an oily skin type, you definitely know what I am talking about. So I gave it a try and it was a definite hit with me.

What the description says: Antiseptic. Deep Cleansing. Purifying. A complete natural treatment. Removes acne causing impurities and improves skin health. Soothes and controls acne, rash and irritations. Helps remove excess oil, black/white heads and lightens blemishes. Leaves skin smooth and glowing.

Directions: Use every other day. Cleanse skin. Apply thick layer on face (avoid eyes) and body. Leave for ten minutes. Wet with milk/ water. Massage in circular movements. Wash off.

Looks and Texture:

Kohomba Pack Swatch

It has relatively big granules that come in useful for scrubbing when washing off the pack. It has slightly thick consistency but quite a lot is needed to cover the face.

Price: 290/- for 150 ml (Reasonable!)

My experience: What first attracted me to this was the simplicity of it: you only had to leave it on for ten minutes and you’re done! When I first slathered it on, it seemed a little strong due to its minty cool effect. It is a bit like having toothpaste on your face – at first. But by the second or third application you get used to it and get this- you start looking forward to it to get a quick refreshing fix!
Although ten minutes might not seem effective enough, it actually is. Your face feels fresh and clean, especially after a day out in the heat and dust.
Most products, which are made for acne skin, actually end up making your acne worse! But this didn’t trigger a breakout and might have prevented some upcoming ones. So yes, this is definitely something that could become a beauty HG product for you.

In Summary:


  • Reasonable price.
  • The product lasts for more than a month.
  • Deep cleanses your face and controls acne outbreaks
  • Brighter skin 


  • The colour of the pack was different each time I bought it, ranging from dark to dull green. This is slightly disturbing although I didn’t see a difference in the ‘performance’.
  • It can be too drying sometimes. It can be easily resolved by applying a moisturizer right after. I  usually apply this before my night cream to prevent this.

Would I buy this again?